Reasons To Reform/Renovate Your Rental Property:

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With over 35 years of experience in property renovations, flooring supply and installation, painting and decorating in York.

We see so many landlords trying to cut corners and save costs. By not refurbing a property properly you are not treating the tenant as a customer.

This means you will have higher voids as people will not want to stay and you will have to charge less rent too.

Also, your maintenance bills will be higher to rectify works and your valuations will be lower due to the condition.

Over a long period of time this will ultimately lose money on your investment in many ways.

An important factor to remember is that any reforms and maintenance work can be offset in your tax returns.

Attract High-Quality, Long-Term Tenants

We have spent more years than we care to mention viewing properties with potential tenants and the results very often surprise us.

The theory is proven time and time again, if you provide an excellent standard of accommodation, the likelihood is, tenants will stay long term (unless they have a change in personal circumstances).

Tenants are unlikely to move because of issues within the property as there is never a large volume of high-standard accommodation for them to move to.

We believe it is all about creating the ideal scenario, keeping standards high therefore retaining quality long terms tenants that want to stay and also look after the property.

Maximise your rental income At SDM we have seen first-hand many recent renovations where our clients have achieved significant uplift in the monthly rent taking their yields higher.

Maximise your property value Maximising the capital value of your property and your monthly rental income from day one is the best way to secure your investment for the long term. Keeping the property maintained so if you ever need to sell, you can, immediately, and for the highest price possible.

Minimise void periods & reduce monthly maintenance costs In our experience, presenting a "brand new" property to the market after renovation not only ensures your marketing photos always show your property in its best light (regardless of how the tenant lives in it), but it ensures that your property is advertised immediately and re-let without delay and loss of income (and dreaded turnaround maintenance costs, council tax and utility bills).

When the existing tenant submits notice to leave, you will have a stream of new potential tenants eagerly waiting to see your property.

All your fixtures and fittings are brand new so no leaky tap phone calls or any other problematic minor works or upgrades that your tenants demand.

There is a market for mainstream standards but it will cost you money in the long term (and eat into your profit on maintenance deductions from your monthly rental income). A property renovation minimises repairs as everything in the property is brand new. Landlords can budget more accurately to simply factor in costs for compliance certificates and a minimal allowance for unforeseen circumstances or communal repairs.

Can I get a return on investment if invested in renovation work? You can expect a return on investment over a period of time. Although such things as carefully choosing materials and finding good quality tradesmen to carry out works to a professional standard also play a role. Monthly rental incomes can increase significantly. More importantly, so does the number of enquiries to rent. Years of viewing properties have proved time after time that newly refurbished properties are what tenants want and what they are willing to pay for. The question is, why landlords wouldn't want to be the first choice to let, every time and for the foreseeable future.


In conclusion, there are several key reasons we think you should consider renovating your rental property: you will attract long-term tenants; your monthly rent will be boosted; property value will increase; your turnaround and maintenance costs will be reduced; your property will have a greener footprint, you can offset any costs for reforms and repairs in your tax return.

Maintenance issues can cause a tenant to move. They may be tired of dealing with clogged drains, leaks, mould and damp issues, poor quality flooring etc. The good news is, if you stay on top of the maintenance at your property, you will not have to deal with this issue. Regular Maintenance, Periodic maintenance can help prevent problems from occurring.

Why choose SDM interiors

With over 35 years experience in this area, fully qualified and insured and the full understanding of what is required with rental properties, being a landlord, a tenant, quick turn arounds all within one business so not having to involve multiple tradesmen. We believe that property renovations are the best long-term solution for your rental property investment.

We are highly skilled and experienced, we're best placed to take on rental property renovation projects. Our team is ready to hit the ground running and takes pride in seeing the end result. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we could help you with your rental property renovation project.